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Submitted by: Janice Jenkins

You can never really predict all the problems that happen in a business. With the dynamic world of markets today, all you really can do in the face of these immediate problems is to have special tools that can help you solve these issues quickly as they arise.

In this feature, I will tell you why cheap flyers can actually solve some of the most common immediate business problems that you may encounter. Flyers are a very versatile tool. You can easily customize its elements to strive for a specific purpose. Let me tell you some of the most common immediate problems that can be solved by these flyers with a purpose.

1. Quick local sales boosts with flyers.

If you feel that your sales are dropping of in certain areas or specific locations, special color flyers will be the boost that you need. While those big mass media type advertising tools take care of the broad market, your flyers can be your patchwork of supporting tools to aid your campaign where you are weakest.

What is more, you can deploy these flyers quickly, so once you detect that an area is lagging behind, you can create specific targeted flyers for those areas. This has been proven to work time and time again, so if you need that extra sales boot, color flyers will be the key.

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2. Emergency public and press relations with flyers.

Another thing that flyers can help you with is with the art public relations. You should always be aware of course as to who the public perceives you and your products. There can be some situations wherein a scandal or accident can bring that perception down and basically potentially give you a bad reputation among your potential customers and clients.

As a first aid to these situations you can use color flyers to mitigate the effects and explain your side of the story. While it will not be your main response, these flyers can help you give that important press release or public relations message quickly to the most important people. Since it is quick to produce and distribute, you can easily start going into the positive direction with these public relation emergencies.

3. Fast track morale/staff boosts with flyers.

Flyers can also be your main tool to boost the morale of your staff. Printing out special motivational or instructional flyers can of course help your employees become more confident and happy with their jobs.

They will feel that you care more just because you are providing them with friendly advice and instructions. All this because your flyers can be there for them right when they need it the most because you can print them fast enough in the best possible time.

4. Immediate and wide information distribution with flyers.

If information distribution is your problem, color flyers is your key to immediate and wide information distribution in a local area. Just have several people just giving away those flyers for free and definitely most people will be picking that up to read them.

Whether it is for marketing or for pure education, as long as you have deployed in the right high density places and you have the right interesting content, you should be able to pull off a successful information campaign in a local area easily.

5. Speedy information feedback with flyers. Lastly, flyers can also be your solution when it comes to feedback information. You can actually print special promotional flyers that also act as feedback forms.

All you need to do is to print a highly visible flyer that says rate me or something similar, you can then deploy it to different areas to illicit that feedback that you need. Encourage people further by making a raffle out of this and you should get all the information that you need for a good feedback and survey.

It should be clear now that color flyers can solve a lot of your business problems today. Just make sure that you are very specific with their designs and use and you should get the results that you need from these versatile flyers.

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By Elizabeth Harfleet

Food intolerance related conditions are widespread according to a number of the UK’s leading nutritionists. Unlike allergies which provoke immediate reactions when sufferers eat problem foods, food intolerances cause a delayed reaction. This means that without food intolerance testing, it is practically impossibly to identify the food that is making you feel unwell.

As a result, many people suffer from symptoms such as migraines, abdominal pains and asthma for years before taking a food intolerance test to discover the cause of their problems.

Food intolerance testing is much easier (and more pleasant) than the other measures people take to try and understand what is making them feel ill.

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Food intolerance testing involves taking a tiny sample of blood and sending it to a laboratory for analysis. If the sample comes back positive for a food intolerance, you can then take another test to identify the exact food intolerance that you have. These tests allow to you to check for intolerances to up to 113 different types of food.

If food intolerance testing reveals that you have an intolerance to a particular type of food you should take advice about how to adjust your diet. This is because if you have an intolerance to various different types of food it can be harmful to suddenly stop eating them altogether.

Furthermore, depending on your level of intolerance, you might find that you can still eat the problem food, just much less frequently than you used to. For instance, one of my clients discovered that he had an intolerance to yeast via food intolerance testing. This meant that he had to cut out beer altogether for a year but was then able to gradually re-introduce it to his diet.

Identifying problem foods by undergoing food intolerance testing can significantly enhance your sense of well being. However, food intolerance testing is not a cure all. Instead it should be undertaken alongside other attempts to live a healthy lifestyle; such as taking regular exercise.

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Submitted by: Rose Lee

China has been in the news lot lately with economists remarking on its rampant growth, calling it “the factory of the world”. However, it hasn’t all been positive press and some coverage of product safety and quality concerns, and the questionable integrity of some Chinese manufacture and trading firms, have left an image in some buyers’ minds of a place where nothing is safe and nobody can be trusted.

So are all the criticisms true? We decided to look at the three most common myths of buying products from China and see how valid they were.

1. “Chinese products are unsafe.”

This is a long-held belief that has been brought to the forefront of people’s minds again by several high-profile cases in the US.

Mattel enacted a massive toy recall in August 2007 because the toys had been decorated with lead paint, an illegal practice in many western countries. An estimated 10.5 million toys were recalled, which led people to question the safety of many other Chinese products.

Who is to blame in such cases?

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Some Chinese export companies say that people are looking in wrong place for answers and, instead of looking at manufacturer, we should look at the companies ordering the products.

Rose Li, Chinavasion public relations manager, said Chinese factories were only able to work to the specifications given to them by the customer.

“Chinese factories will view improved materials and certification as optional extras, which increase the price,” she said.

Ms Li said importers looking at sourcing products from China should first find out the end markets’ exact safety compliance standards before telling the manufacturer about the exact specifications they needed for the product.

She said it is also a good idea to buy a single item first to check that the product was safe and worked well to guarantee customer satisfaction.

2. “Chinese manufacturers will try to cheat you after you pay.”

If you search online for phrases like “china scammer” or “china fraud” you’ll immediately see hundreds of stories about people who have been cheated by fake sellers or dishonest dealers in China. But people with positive stories are less likely to speak out…. so perhaps when you look for negative stories, you’re getting a skewed picture.

Steve Wu, Chinavasion purchase specialist, recommended those using credit cards to do it through a third party payment handler like PayPal.

“That will prevent the seller from getting sensitive credit information from the buyer and allow the buyer to stop the payment if there are any problems with the deal,” he said.

Another key piece of advice offered by regular goods traders is to transfer money into company bank accounts and not personal bank accounts, and always keep a documented record of transactions to help dispute cases if things go wrong.

3. “There is no way to tell if a Chinese company is legitimate.”

This is a particularly big fear for exporters who buy online or over the phone and are afraid the company they are ordering their products in might not actually exist, or may be in financial trouble, leaving them no recourse if they pay for an order and that order does not arrive.

Analysing some case studies of people who’ve been scammed, certain patterns emerge. Seasoned importers will spot obvious danger signs at the beginning of each story that should have warned the buyer away at an early stage… before money changed hands.

Many Chinese manufactures are also registered in Hong Kong and can be checked online at

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Submitted by: Lori Gelder

The Six Dimensions To Obtain Public Attention

Did you know that a single day ahead of competitors worth a million? Every minute is important in business industry. Probably, the main reason why they exceed on your level is due to the techniques they use. You may want to know them and this is exactly the best place where you can learn more and learn everything you desire.

Traditional techniques may be useful yet the present technological advancement such as those used by Small Business Marketing in Chandler Arizona is highly effective. For decades, it has proven valuable effects after each usage. They used several effective methods and make it a point that no such time was wasted. There are different techniques they used and only an expert can really understand and make it possible.

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There is Social Media Marketing in Chandler Arizona that can help on your publicity in the market. There are social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. Remember that this site is where most populace hangs out. Through connecting with several people, sharing ideas and thoughts, building respect and reputation, you can easily give way to open business with them. Linking with them is such a great opportunity you can have to be able to have more prospective clients and business deals. It is important to use social media specially if you are just entering into a business and you want a promotion.

There is also a Web Media that could help you attract most visitors and gain more traffic. Through photos and video creations, you can easily communicate with your prospects and provide them all the details they may likely to know. Having a video about your product or service is simply saying that Stay and learn more about me until I get finished this video. We all know that watching animations is more interesting rather than reading novels.

Graphic Design is also one of the most important things in business. The logo of your company represents the entirety so make it a point that you only put an easily identified logo. The layout must also go along the site, the balancing and color combination, to attract them and not feel exasperating about reviewing your site.

Most Web Designs takes too long minutes before it fully opens. The consequence, a lot of visitors rather quit and looks for more accessible site than yours. It is important to know that keeping your site reachable is one factor that affects the quantity of your sales. You must provide an easily reached location on internet so your clients would love to visit you order from you.

Selection of keywords is such an issue in making ranks on the search engine and only SEO Marketing Chandler Arizona can do it. By means of providing the proper and most effective keywords researching, you can be able to reach the first page of the search engine. Therefore, if you are on the top, you can be one of the most visited site. The higher your level is, the more visits you can get and the more traffic and sales you can expect.

Nowadays, mobile marketing is also in demand. You can use it in marketing people, answering inquiries and giving updates wherever you are. The fact that email is a formal way of giving information has reached the point that it also contributes in Business Marketing Arizona.

It may be tough to be done by busy person like you however; there are firms that can help in making all things a reality for your success.

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now and be ready to compete in online marketing!


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